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 Important Information (F.A.Q), feel free to ask us anything!
Posted on: Feb 18 2017, 08:46 AM
played by alex
22 years old –
angry midget
from spamilton


What happens when my character arrives here?

Your character will wake up in a new world, in an apartment/house/room (whatever accomodation you choose) that is clearly theirs. There will be photos of them, maybe some beloved items either upgraded or altered to fit (a good example of this is Anne Bonny, who found her swords framed on the wall). They will not be given false memories to explain this new life and new home, but will instead be left to wander in shock while they figure it all out. They will also automatically become fluent in the common tongue of this London, aka. English.

What is an "import"?

An import is the umbrella term used on OE to refer to canons and original concepts who are not native to this site's world. They are "imported" into this world by some unidentified magic, and so we call them imports. Any character that was born in this world is called a "native".

Do the books, comics, films etc. exist?

They do! So theoretically, Harry Potter could read his own book series or sit down and watch his entire school life play out on the screen in front of him. However, the actors/actresses wouldn't look exactly the same as our playbys. They'd be eerily similar, but not carbon copies. You do not have to have your character interact with their canon media, but it's a fun little plot device you are more than welcome to use.

What's the difference between a shifter and a werewolf?

A werewolf changes into a wolf on a monthly basis (they also have a second form, more on that here) while shifters change into an animal at will.

Is this a spirits site?

This is a multifandom site so the canons are essentially plucked from their universe into supernatural London.

Are all fandoms allowed?

Anyone from an R rated film or a webcomic is a no go unfortunately as they would be extremely difficult to plot but feel free to pick and choose from anything else.

Do I have to have the same cut off point as the person who plays a character from the same movie/book/etc?

No, you don't but it is advised that you talk to the person you'd be playing with to work it all in nicely.

My character is a witch/vampire/werewolf/shifter already, will they stay that way?

Not necessarily. If you want to, you can switch things around to make it more interesting!

Can my witch do ____?

We like to deal with witches on a case by case basis, considering they are arguably the most powerful characters on site. So when making a witch, PM an admin with your ideas just so we can check we're all on the same page. General rule is minor spells just need elemental representation, whereas big spells require blood sacrifice.

Do you allow multiple uses of the same playby?

A face can only be claimed once for a native character, but multiple times for canons. There is currently no defined limit but obviously, be sensible. If there are already five Michael Fassbenders running around, we probably don't need a sixth.

My app has been pended, what's going on?

There's a likelihood that there's a couple things off about the app and you should receive a PM detailing the issues promptly. Please allow 24 hours for the staff to discuss.

How can I play a native?

Make an OC or take one of the site canons! That's it really, that's the only way. If you don't want to make an OC but are interested in bringing something to the main plot, you can always join the research group.

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