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Posted on: Feb 18 2017, 08:41 AM
played by TOBY
24 years old – 5'7"
from london
engaged – hamilton
some rabbit


London, 2017. A world very similar to our own and yet different in the fact that supernatural creatures are very much real. Ghosts haunt iconic locations, as well as their old homes or favourite places. Magic is conducted in Camden and vampires feed on the streets of Soho. Rising tensions between shifter factions and the werewolves they shun threatens everyone. For centuries, the supernatural community has managed to remain undetected by their human companions, blending into their society and enlightening only a select few.

The fights between the wolves and the shifters grow more severe by the day, with bodies being discovered at a growing rate. Further concern lies with the newcomers. Those who have seemingly been plucked from their own worlds and inserted into London life: their arrival threatens the already delicate ecosystem the supernatural community has tried to maintain. Meetings have begun between witch elders and the vampires old enough to remember the dark ages, when humans last learned of their supernatural brethren. Nobody wants a repeat of that, and some hard decisions may have to be made in aide of the greater good.

Meanwhile, scattered throughout the city is a ragtag band of people, newcomers and natives alike- who are desperately trying to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon. Why are people being pulled to this world? Can it be prevented? Should it be prevented? So far, no answers have presented themselves. Yet they persevere. They has to be an explanation.

How are you effected? Are you a native, concerned for the future of your city and your people? Are you a newcomer, baffled and frightened of this strange new world, unsure of why your species has suddenly altered? Perhaps you're a shifter, wanting to eradicate your tainted cousins, the werewolves. Maybe you're a werewolf yourself, seeking justice for your kind? Or are you a human, blissfully unaware of the rising tensions happening all around you, unaware that one day very soon- you might find yourself to be dinner to a superior being...

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