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 the rules
Posted on: Feb 18 2017, 08:22 AM
played by TOBY – £20
24 years old – 5'7"
from london
engaged – hamilton
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1. Please register with first last all in lowercase.

2. Be kind. Everyone on this site has as much right to enjoy themselves as each other, staff included. Show respect to your fellow roleplayers and understand that this is an escape for almost everyone, don't spoil it for them.

3. Be sensible. If there's an issue on site that troubles you, PM an staff member about it in a civil manner. We will do our utmost to ensure your experience on Our End is a good one. Please refrain from complaining loudly in the cbox about things.

4. Be active. We're not expecting a post a week or anything unreasonable, we all have busy lives in one way or another, and sometimes it's hard to get inspiration flowing. Do your best, but the minimal requirement is a post a month per character in order to pass the Activity Check.

5. You must be 18+ OOCly to join this site due to mature themes.

6. While not explicitly forbidden, it is advised that you limit yourself to one canon from any one book/show/film etc for ease of plotting.

Creating a character

0. Important - When you are writing your app you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The freeform section must be a minimum of 500 words
  • You must cover the canon/your characters origins. For fandom characters this means clearly defining at what point in the timeline of their fandom they have been pulled from. It doesn't have to be an exact moment, but it should be easily identifiable about where they are from.
  • You most cover your character's importation to London: how they found out, their reactions to it, what sort of things this changes for them as a character.
If you fail to meet the above criteria the application will automatically be pended.

1. Take a look at the existing canons from your media. Have a chat with the players and make sure you sync your ideas together. You don't need to share a cut-off, but it would be best if you at least check things first.

2. As a general rule of thumb, playbys should go by the +5/-5 rule. If you feel your playby could pass for older or younger, ask an admin and we'll check. Usually we'll say yes, and you don't need to ask us when it comes to vampires or ghosts.

3. We don't have a wait time between making characters but we do ask that you try and keep yourself limited to what you can manage. Try not to let characters stagnate.

4. As there are different versions of characters out there (e.g. Cumberbatch's Sherlock vs. Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes) we do allow more than one version of a character on site. However, if the version you wanted is unvailable, don't take another just to twist them. Let each incarnation of a character be true to their own selves. We will notice if you try this. It is not okay.

5. NEW - With regard to the above rule, in circumstances such as Marvel and DC where they manage their own film adaptations from the comics, you can combine the canons into one- as they are in fact, still just the Marvel or DC version. The reason with this being that you could technically have a Batman for every single comic arc, which would result in a ridiculous amount of Batman's. However, when it comes to the book Hannibal Lecter vs the TV show Hannibal, there are different creators behind each, and the characters are vastly different- allowing for more than one version to be played.

6. Your application must be at least 500 words long in the history section. You need at least this much to give us a strong indication that you understand your character, and for those unfamiliar with the character and their canon to get a feel for them. It also gives us a good insight to your writing style.

7. In regards to "Original Concept" characters (different from natives) we are no longer allowing these to be made. For members who wish to bring back their original concept the character must be reworked as a native - without the original concept elements - before it will be accepted again. It was an interesting idea to experiment with, but since their removal we have decided against allowing these characters back on the board.

8. You will have two weeks to complete your application. If you do not complete your application within that time frame, it will be denied. Should your application be pended, you will also have two weeks to complete the necessary edits. If you do not complete the required edits in that time frame, your application will be denied.


1. As stated before, minimum requirement is 1 post per month per character. Please try to exceed this if you can! If you can't manage it, don't stress; you won't be contacted about it unless you miss several AC's in a row.

2. Activity checks will be held from the 1st - 5th each month. We go on an alternate basis- one month will be a traditional AC, the next will be a simple interest check, and so on. For interest checks we are mainly looking to see that you still have an interest in the character so just having plotting posts is fine if you couldn't manage a full IC post in the previous month. We want people to worry less about posting for a check, and spend more time enjoying their favourite plots.

3. If you miss an AC, PM one of the admins to be reinstated. You will only be allowed to start out with 1 character for a probation period of one week, then you may pick up your others as normal. The next two of course, being free- before the 5 posts rule kicks in.

The Store

For all rules and information on our store system please see this thread.

Mature threads

1. We are a premium board (thanks to the amazing Chelle) but be sensible. If you have a mature thread, PLEASE TAG IT. Use [M] in the title. If your thread is likely to upset anyone with a specific theme e.g. rape, incest, gore then please place a specific warning in the thread description.

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